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Old 10th February 2019, 23:42  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New Weekly Build, Version 0.70!

Here's the latest weekly build, in all its Frankenstein glory.

I worked on a lot of different bits and pieces this week, some of which weren't finished in time for version 0.70, so there are a few placeholders in there for now. Thus is the life of a dev who puts out a build every week, though, so y'all are used to that by now.

Even considering the works in progress, it's still a nice little build with some very oft-requested "features" snuck in there. It's a bit of a secret scene for now, so I won't spoil the fun.

New to the game? Try out the public build or become a patron at http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur!

Version 0.70 - 2-8-2019
  • Added new NSFW scene (Monster, Tentacles) (WIP)
  • Added new scene illustration (Mercy & toy)
  • Added new New Light scenes
  • Added new ship scene
  • Added new encounters and major boss fight
  • Added arrival to Fort Wilkes
  • Added Fort Wilkes north and south yards
  • Added Fort Wilkes interior entrance and west wing
  • Added new encounters to Fort Wilkes (WIP)
  • Updated the New Light restaurant exterior map
  • Fixed a volume level issue with the eastern overworld
  • Added dialogue that prevents players from going to Fort Wilkes before learning it exists
  • Fixed Prince of the Deep having earth essence for some reason
  • Teeth now remove Enraged as well as Berserk
  • Shells now remove Drowned as well as Sleep and Paralysis
  • Fixed an issue where the Sparkling Plug illustration wouldn’t show after the first use
  • Attempting to escape combat showed %1 instead of character’s name
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Old 17th February 2019, 18:56  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Version 0.71 - Valentine's Edition!

Hello everyone, hope you had a great Valentine's Day this year, and if you didn't, don't panic: there's still time for a little date with Mercy this weekend in the latest release.

A lot of time and effort went into the game's first real "dungeon" of sorts this week, so that's just one more thing to plunge into.

New to the game? Try our public build or become a patreon at http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur

We hope you all enjoy!

- Nym

Version 0.71 - 2-15-2019
  • Added new Fort Wilkes areas and accompanying puzzles
  • NW Wing
  • Statue Room
  • East Wing
  • NE Wing
  • Added Annouck (Patron reward NPC)
  • Updated Scene Library with missing scenes
  • Revised the expression balloon icons
  • Added many secrets and items to Fort Wilkes
  • Fixed an issue where the equipment compare screen incorrectly named some stats
  • Added Flint to the game, used for lighting cooking fires (WIP)
  • Fixed a number of typos
  • Fixed an issue where Sodrek could disappear from the docks, halting progress
  • Fixed an “issue” where Sodrek moonwalks
  • Fixed an issue where a line of dialogue on the overworld could trigger twice in a row
  • Fixed encounters not properly triggering
  • Fixed some tile passability issues in Fort Wilkes
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Old 24th February 2019, 21:03  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New Weekly Build: v0.72!

Hi everyone, hope you're well and excited for the weekend. As is our custom, we have some CHOICE entertainment options you might consider integrating into your weekend activity list.

The art in our header is courtesy of Indoor Minotaur's newly contracted artist-in-resident, Numinox. We hope you like it, because there'll be plenty more where that came from going forward.

Next week, I'll be taking a little break from advancing the primary narrative to start tackling more SIDE-QUESTS and optional or secret content. This kind of stuff really gets me going, so I'm excited about it and hope you are as well.

- Nym

Want to try the (free) public build or become a patron? Visit http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur!

Version 0.72 - 2-22-2019
  • Added Benn Wilkes scene
  • Added Seth encounter
  • Added Tafo & the contortionist twins scene illustration
  • Earth Vial now correctly applies an agility bonus for 1 round after use
  • Finished and revised the Mercy & elder hound NSFW scene
  • Revised the Mercy & deepfolk illustration
  • Added departure from Fort Wilkes
  • Added the return to Esterholt scene
  • Fixed some portrait issues on the overworld
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck on the overworld
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck when talking to Annouck
  • Changed dialogue for if Annouck is met after Wilkes
  • Caught the quest journal up to the departure from Fort Wilkes
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Old 3rd March 2019, 00:54  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New Weekly & Alpha: v0.73!

Hi everyone!

We're pleased to present the latest weekly & alpha build, version 0.73!

In fact, in much the same way that a Robert Frost poem might, this build diverges along two paths: one with additional features that is NOT compatible with old save files, and one without those additional features that IS compatible with old save files.

These builds will be very explicitly notated, so you don't have to worry about getting the wrong one. However, if you're not far along with your save, haven't tried the game yet or are even considering starting over from scratch with new decisions and a new build, you'll definitely want to pick up version 0.73.1.

The final consideration is that at some point down the line, the old save compatible versions will stop. It's simply too much work preparing two very different builds every week, but I didn't want to cut everyone off cold turkey. That just seemed rude. My current approximate deadline for that is with the public launch of chapter 7, which is still many weeks away.

I hope you understand! And without further ado, the patch notes (for both releases):

Version 0.73.1 - 3-1-2019 (New Game Required)
  • Mercy and Orus can both equip two accessories
  • Equipment types Orus can’t equip no longer appear
  • Added new categories for better inventory organization

Version 0.73 (Old Save Compatible)
  • Added a new NSFW scene! (Beatrix, Toy, Futa)
  • Added a hunter’s campsite to the overworld
  • Added new treasure to the overworld
  • Added all new Ch. VII Esterholt content
  • Added more progression clues to the siblings portion of Ch. VII
  • Added new cooking recipes
  • Fixed a sink tile error
  • Fixed an issue where you can leave Fort Wilkes without your crew
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed an issue where Beatrix’s direction was incorrectly locked
  • You can now cook in the Esterholt manor oven
  • You can no longer hear the sea from inside the cove dormitories

New to the game? Check us out at http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur!
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Old 10th March 2019, 19:02  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New Release: v0.74!

Happy release day, everyone! Same as last week, it's split between two builds (to continue for a little while longer): one that is compatible with ALL old saves, and one that requires a v0.73 save or newer.

The old save compatible versions will be phased out eventually--probably once I wrap chapter 7 up and make it public. I wish there was a way around this, but alas. I'll make sure to ease the pain somehow.

Also, if you haven't yet, check out our brand new trailer here:


New to the game? You can find it here: http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur!

As for what's new, the notes are listed below.
Until next time,


Version 0.74 - 3-8-2019
  • Added two new areas to Grey Clarion (WIP)
  • Added several new harps to Grey Clarion (WIP)
  • Added new Mercy-specific events and dialogue to Grey Clarion
  • Grey Clarion is now accessible by ship in Ch. 7
  • Added a new New Light scene post-Wilkes encounter
  • Added a new forest area accessible from the overworld
  • Changed the cooking menu to say “Cook” instead of “Shop”
  • Changed the essence calcinator to say “Purify” instead of “Shop”
  • Fixed an issue where the level 2 forge upgrade and the level 1 cove defense upgrade wouldn’t show up simultaneously
  • Rebalanced some rune stats
  • Rebalanced MP gains on level-up and equipment
  • Fixed an issue where the Skill Scroll “Soul Wield” did not correctly bestow the skill
  • Fixed a lighting issue in the renovated throne room
  • Fixed an issue where fishing in Esterholt would remove Mercy’s coat
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Old 24th March 2019, 18:28  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New Release: v0.75!

Here's last week's patch notes - sorry for the delay!

Version 0.75 - 3-15-2019
  • Added a new NSFW scene! (F/F/M, harps, size difference)
  • Added new scene art! (Replaced the old Bell & Mercy illustration)
  • Added new harps to Grey Clarion
  • Added nestmother’s chambers
  • Added Eastern Spire Market
  • Adjusted fruit stats and prices (again)
  • Adjusted alcohol stats and prices
  • Added new equipment to the game
  • Fixed an issue where Marlan’s dialogue still appeared in Grey Clarion on loot checks
  • Mercy can now correctly ride Orus in Grey Clarion
  • The overworld now properly enables player followers
  • Fixed a passability error on the Eastern Spire bridge
  • Added items and secrets around Grey Clarion
  • Fixed a sprite issue on a harp
  • The bedroll in Grey Clarion no longer has Mercy’s dialogue while controlling Marlan
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Old 24th March 2019, 19:07  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New Release: Version (Fallout/Soldier) 0.76!

Hi, everyone! This week's build, version 0.76, is the patron release of what will eventually become the next public build, which means it's not far off!

This ALSO means the save compatible grace period is approaching its gruesome end. I expect support for old save files will end around after version 0.78, so apologies in advance for that.

New to the game? Become a patron or try our free public build at http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur.

I'd like to take a little time this week to advertise some of our other outlets as well, especially since many people have an (understandable) aversion to Patreon's increasingly problematic business model.

You can find us in a bunch of different places:

Youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=X3xsrvi8aQM
Twitter: http://twitter.com/IndoorMinotaur
Itch.io: http://indoorminotaur.itch.io/daughter-of-essence
Game Jolt: http://gamejolt.com/games/daughterofessence/336983
Discord: http://t.co/Ia3YoXhfdy

And soon, we'll also be expanding our subscription service beyond Patreon to other comparable sites, as requested by a number of fans and patrons alike.

Until then, we're continuing to make our game bigger and better, and we hope you enjoy.

- Nym

Version 0.76 - 3-22-2019
  • Revised and added to a number of scene illustrations!
  • Added new Oldlight Palace scene
  • Added new strangers scene
  • Added return to cove and new cove dialogue
  • Added new cove scene
  • Changed Hallie’s dialogue in the cove before departing for Fort Wilkes
  • Marlan now exists in the cove after returning from Southgate
  • Fixed an issue where Orus couldn’t equip backpacks in the new save versions of the game
  • Removed automatic “Trance” generation, making Mercy’s Trance state slower to earn
  • Fixed several typos
  • Statue beneath the Eastern Spire now reports the correct combination
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Old 31st March 2019, 03:12  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New Weekly & Alpha Release: v0.77!

Hello! This week "officially" concludes chapter 7 and begins chapter 8, although I still have a few loose ends I'd like to tie off before I can remove those quotation marks.

That said, we're excited to be starting the next chapter of our journey. To celebrate the conclusion of chapter 7, our new public build is coming as soon as NEXT WEEK, so that's big news for our non-patron followers! It's been many months in the making, so we hope you're looking forward to it.

New to the game? Become a patron or try out public build here: http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur.

Without further ado, the patch notes for our latest release.

- Nym

Version 0.77.1 - 3-29-2019
  • Added new scene illustration (Beatrix!)
  • Added new dialogue to cove residents for the end of chapter 7
  • Added new dialogue to Mar’Liore in chapter 7
  • Added Carvannah refugees to Mar’Liore in chapter 7
  • Added new playable Carlisse portion
  • Added Petrova cutscene
  • Added updated residential area for the beginning of chapter 8
  • Fixed an issue where two of Mercy’s reaction portraits were swapped
  • The Strangers’ HP gauges are now properly concealed during combat
  • Tafo’s scene illustration is now correctly added to the library
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Old 8th April 2019, 01:04  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Major Updates: New Public Chapter!

It's been a long time coming, and it's finally arrived. Please enjoy the latest chapter of Daughter of Essence in its entirety, featuring not only a wealth of new content, but dozens of other improvements, quality of life changes, and bug fixes!

Little by little, we are getting closer to the end, my friends. I hope you're enjoying the ride.

Want to try the all new public build? Visit http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur!

What's New?

- The main story has been extended by several hours
- Many new erotic scenes have been added
- Many new scene illustrations have been added
- Interesting and complex new areas to explore
- Many older illustrations have been revised and improved, or else replaced entirely
- New fishing and cooking content & improvements
- Item and stat balance adjustments
- New equipment options and balance
- Better organized inventory categories
- Dozens of bug fixes and typo corrections
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Old 13th April 2019, 19:44  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New Weekly Release: v0.79!

Hi everyone, we're back with another weekly release. This has been a very polish and maintenance-heavy week on account of the fresh public release and all the feedback we've received, but we still managed to get some new content developed along the way.

In the not so distant future, there will be patches available for both the public and alpha builds. Until then, the latest weekly notes can be found below.

Version 0.79 - 4-12-2019
  • Added new encounters at Lion’s Watch
  • Improved a large number of attack animations (made to feel quicker and more powerful)
  • Added new dialogue to cove residents
  • Added new items to the cove
  • Adjusted the strangers encounter (Carlisse’s)
  • Cooking fires now apply the “warm” state, making healing items more efficient for a short duration
  • Replaced 3 outdated cooking fires
  • The Earth’s March state now correctly describes the status in the help menu
  • Gore’s chance of applying Moon Poison increased from 25% to 33%, damage increased from ATK * 5 > ATK * 5.5, MP cost increased from 8 > 9
  • Fixed some enemy AI behaving strangely
  • The movable box in Bell’s cabin explains how to pull it even if you’ve already read the tip
  • Fixed a possible soft-lock on the pumpkin king quest
  • Trading mushrooms with Emiline now correctly removes them from your inventory
  • Returning the idol now correctly resolves the Curse of Esterholt quest
  • Fixed an issue where Gorstag and Corrine could be a 5th recruit in Witchdale
  • Fixed a number of typos
  • Fixed passability issues in Esterholt and Mar’Liore
  • Removed Orus from a couple of awkward cutscenes
  • Marlan's Ring can only be stolen once
  • After losing to Marlan a second time, the screen will properly fade in
  • There is new in-combat dialogue after the first time you fight Marlan
  • Marlan's stats have been tweaked very slightly, and the fight ends one round earlier
  • Fixed an NPC appearing in Shiveworth prematurely

New to the game? Try the public build or become a patron at http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur
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